About us

SCHLICHT Handelsgesellschaft mbH was initially established in 1995 as a sister company of ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH and now operates as an independent company. Both companies are located in Hamburg.

The main focus of our programme is on cleaning technology, special cleaning agents, and colour dosing systems for the plastics industry.

We sell RAPID PURGE cleaning compound and DUROPLAST plastic shot blasting material. On request we also deliver shot blasting cabinets. Furthermore we offer with our PLASTRAC dosing equipment high quality systems for the colour dosing technology.

Our former sister company ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH (founded1959) sells machines and plants for the rubber, plastic and cable industry. In Germany company ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH represents internationally successful companies like Battaggion, Comerio Ercole, Friul Filiere, Huestis, Molteni, NorMec, Prodicon, PumaTech, Sagitta, and Valtorta.

From its own production ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH sells worldwide cutting machines and caterpillars as well as powder coating machines for the rubber and cable industry.

Our sister company USD Gebrauchtmaschinen GmbH offers above this a broad selection of used machines and plants for the rubber and plastic industry.