Manufacturer of granulating systems for the most demanding requirements in the injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion field.

Granulators of Cumberland’s 30 series e. g. offer solutions for many applications.
The new models offer more features, better performance and more versatility than its predecessors. This innovative series is available with three larger infeed sizes making hand and conveyor feeding fast and easy.

The 3-knife open slant-cut rotor with scooped wings provides for both positive feeding of bulky parts and improved airflow for cooler operation. By employing the rotating end disc rotor design, generated heat from material against stationary side-walls, abrasion from filled materials, and material degradation from induced heat are drastically reduced. In addition to the 30 Series’ superior ease of maintenance, the units also feature some of the strongest, most durable HCHC/D2 rotor and bed knives in the industry, manufactured with Cumberland’s own patented proprietary process.

Cumberland offers a delivery programme from the smallest machine up to big plants and many special operations, just as per customers’ requirements.