Dry Ice Shot Blasting

There are many different methods to clean tools, moulds and other parts which have to be cleaned regularly during production. We are of the opinion that the treatment with dry ice is the gentlest and also cleanest way because the dry ice has no residues and only the blasted particles have to be removed. The cleaning does not damage the surface of your parts which is the case when using other methods.
The intensity of the dry ice stream is adjustable, so that for easy cleanings less dry ice is needed than for harder cleanings. Additional containers for cleanings also with abrasive agents combined with dry ice are also available. 

- Dry ice shot blasting units at an unbeatable economic price
- new generation of dry ice cleaning
- cleaning of abrasive/non abrasive material combined in one appliance
  (new development)
- environmental friendly because there are no residues
- time saving and gentle for surfaces 

Appliances and accessories