You know what your machine does for you - but do you do enough about the maintenance of your machine, too?

If you want to clean your extrusion, injection-moulding or blow-moulding plant quickly and completely you should choose a technology which can be applied without any problems and which works perfectly: RAPIPD PURGE.

The ready-for-use cleaning compound RAPID PURGE simply and absolutely reliably removes all thermoplastic resin and remarkably shortens the cleaning time necessary at colour or material changes.

Moreover, it is a cleaning compound which is able to remove burned material also. RAPID PURGE works purely chemically, without admixture of abrasive components. It breaks down the residual plastic polymers into lower-viscous molecules which easily can be flushed out of the machine.

This method, which is as soft as it is effective, is easy on the sensitive machine parts. At the same time, RAPID PURGE is ecologically beneficial and physically harmless, that is why it is favoured before all others especially in the area of medical goods and food production, as well as in the toys industry.

RAPID PURGE is the original cleaning compound for all thermoplastics and it is used since many years by many plastic processing companies all around the world.

Rapid Purge Advantages:

  • simple and reliable application
  • Ready-for-use compound, no pre-mixing necessary
  • remarkable reduction of downtime at colour and material changes
  • economical performance, only one filling of the machine per purge
  • easy on the machine parts
  • environmentally friendly and physically harmless